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Welcome to the OEM Honda/Acura parts and accessories division of Acura of Peoria near Phoenix, Arizona. OEMAcuraparts.com is a leading supplier of OEM Acura parts along with parts and accessories for Honda vehicles. Our mission to our customers is to provide them with one place to come for discount Honda and Acura parts and accessories. Browse our selection of Oem parts and accessories to find the parts that you are looking for at low prices. Everyone at Acura of Peoria has the customer as their number one goal.

You'll get the same great service when ordering Acura parts at our online site as you would by coming into our showroom. You can feel free to call us during normal business hours if you have any questions about our parts and accessories. Unlike other parts stores, we want to make it as easy for you as possible to order your Acura and Honda OEM parts.

No matter what model Acura you have, we can supply you with part and accessories. Come to us for replacement Acura Integra parts or Honda Accord add-on accessories to make your car look great. Buying from Acura of Peoria is your assurance of high quality products at discount prices. Check out our site to find the parts and accessories you are looking for to help you repair or maintain your Acura or Honda.

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